Each LAPD station has Senior Lead Officers who act as special liaisons with the community. They are based in the station’s Community Relations Office. Unlike patrol officers, the SLOs give out their email and phone numbers to the community, and are pleased to work with residents and block cubs on chronic or  quality of life crimes.

The Southwest Community Police Station has 11 SLOs, each assigned to one of the 11 Basic Car areas Southwest’s territory is divided into. Check the map below to see which Basic Car area you live in to find out who your Senior Lead Officer is.

Senior Lead Officer Directory

NOTE: LAPD has changed its email address. Previously, officers were all @lapd.lacity.org. Now all LAPD email addresses are: @lapd.online. Please change your records to the new address.

The phone number for Dispatch at the Southwest Community Police Station is 213-485-2582

Community Relations Officer-in-Charge -Sergeant Naum Ware
213-847-5800 – Email: 36799@lapd.online

Community Relations Staff: Sgt. Tiffany Norwood, 38521
Email: 38521@lapd.online
Phone: 213.847.5800

Southwest  Basic Car 3A1 – Vacant

Southwest Basic Car 3A15 – Acting Senior Lead Officer Tyler Whiteman
Phone: 213-359-6947 – Email: 39471@lapd.online

Southwest Basic Car 3A19 / 3A59 USC – Senior Lead Officer Nichol Garner
Phone:  323.387.9620 – Email:  32272@lapd.online

Southwest Basic Car 3A31 – (covering) P111 Crystal Garcia
Phone: 213-709-9120  Email: 39393@lapd.online

Sourthwest Basic Car 3A41 – Senior Lead Officer Gabriel Roybal
Phone:  323.387.9621 – Email:

Southwest Basic Car 3A55 – P111 Larry Cole
Email: 37623@lapd.online

Southwest Basic Car 3A57 – Senior Lead Officer John Biondo
Phone:  323.387.9623 – Email:  36576@lapd.online

Southwest Basic Car 3A59 – USC – Senior Lead Officer Nichol Garner
Phone:  323.387.9620 – Email:  32272@lapd.online
She also handles 3A19

Southwest Basic Car 3A59 – USC – (covering)  P111 Cesar Lopez
Phone:  323.387.9620 – Email:  32512@lapd.online

Southwest Basic Car 3A63 – Senior Lead Officer Jose Saldana
Phone:  323.387.9614 – Email:  36870@lapd.online

Southwest Basic Car 3A73 – Senior Lead Officer Paul Evleth
Phone:  323.387.9618 – Email:  38086@lapd.online

Southwest Basic Car 3A99 – Senior Lead Officer Sam Salazar
Phone:  323.387.9616 – Email:  31256@lapd.online